Youth Education

Youth Education

Art and Drawing are a Way of Seeing, Part II

New Teen art class starting in January 2018!

We are planning a second session of the Teen class, beginning in January. The content will be different from session one, and designed so that other students can join in without repetition of previous material, but also utilizing and strengthening skills learned in session one.

Download the Registration Form here!
6 Weekly, 2- hour sessions
Wednesdays from 3:30-5:30 beginning January 10, 2018
Fee: $100; a materials list will be provided.

Heads, Hands and Hiccups!

Drawing people can be fun, especially if you are using your friends or family as models. Frustration arises when we get close but feel something is still not right, but what is it? Learn some basic guidelines for getting a more accurate skull shape, better body proportion and how to capture facial expressions. We will work from a skeleton model as well as use mirrors and props to cut through the mystery of drawing the human form and lose the “hiccups” that throw us off.

Summer Art Camps! 2017 sessions… thank you for a terrific summer!

Let your child’s creative energy flow at Westport Art Group’s summer camp series. Two sessions every summer. Scholarships are available!

Each Session Fee: $150. Ages: 6 to 11 years old. Scholarships are available. Please inquire.

Session One of Summer Art Camp runs daily from July 10 – July 14,  9:30 AM – 12:30 PM.

Session One: Why is it so always so cool to find that treasure on the beach? We will take the natural forms we see everyday and give them a deeper look, exploring all through drawing, printing making, clay and sculptural forms. Each day will host a theme, i.e., From Way Up Here and Creature Feature to challenge our eye and imagination. Starting with active observation we transform our materials into fanciful interpretations that are both unique and personal.

Session Two of Summer Art Camp runs daily from August 14 – August 18, 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM.

Session Two: Have you ever looked at your house on Google Earth? From the landforms below us to creatures of sky and sea , campers will investigate local nature through painting, print making, weaving, clay and more. Outdoor time will explore space, shadows and movement. Art making moves from active observation to fanciful interpretations that are both unique and individual.

Community service opportunity for high school age students during the art camps. Two or three volunteers needed per session to assist the camp director with set up, clean up and general organization. Please indicate your interest by sending an email to

About the Kids’ Workshops

wagkidsworkshop-1Westport Art Group hosts elementary-aged children from all over the South Coast for innovative & fun half-day workshops periodically throughout the year.

Please check back again for our latest offerings.


Westport Art Group Scholarships Fund

Students attending Westport High School, Dartmouth High School, Tiverton High School and the children or grandchildren of Westport Art Group members who intend to pursue a higher degree in Art or the Applied Arts are eligible to apply for a Westport Art Group Scholarship.

To learn more, download the Scholarship Application here: WAG Scholarship Application.

2017 Scholarships have been awarded

Westport Art Group Scholarship Committee Report – July 13, 2017
Thanks to a recent and generous donation, we have been able to raise each of our scholarship awards to $1,000.
We are pleased to announce the 2017 winners of our Westport Art Group Scholarships. One award has been given to Dartmouth High School senior Bianca Laslo, who will be attending Bristol Community College in the Fall. She intends to pursue her interests in Illustration and Graphic Design there and transfer to a four year college to complete her degree. Westport High School Senior Sarah Duarte is our other scholarship winner. Sarah has been accepted to Massachusetts College of Art and plans to major in Illustration. We are very happy to have had such strong candidates and wish them success in their College Art programs.