Donna Stamant

Donna St Amant

Being lost at the bench for hours or the day, forging, forming, and fabricating jewelry brings endless joy. There’s a lingering feeling of accomplishment after working through technical challenges or mastering an unfamiliar technique. Sketching ideas wherever and whenever inspired keeps me connected to the creative process when life takes me away from the studio. I gravitate towards techniques that explore the malleability of the metal by moving it with hammer, stakes, and tools, and I continually test unfamiliar techniques to keep my work evolving and fresh.

I work in sterling silver and gold, employing ancient techniques such as Chasing and Repousse’, Keum Boo, and Granulation but moving them in a contemporary direction. My pieces are textural and often oxidized (blackened). Gemstones, pearls, or cabochons are incorporated as a focal point, to contrast with textured metal, or to introduce an element of color.

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