Paula Becker

Paula Becker

I am drawn to objects and textiles that have a physical and personal history.

Over time through use and wear a fabric or photograph fades and collects the visible evidence of daily life. For me, experiences with cloth connects with memory and people. A table cloth, embroidered and cherished by my grandmother once covered her table for Sunday meals. This same cloth is carefully folded in my linen draw and used on special occasions. Within its creases and stains is the evidence of use and the memory of human experiences.

In my artwork I search to discover this personal history as I unravel the threads of a cloth fragment. It is through the process of reweaving the threads, combining them with new threads, that I add a new layer of life, merging the past with the present. By reweaving, the position of the old threads lie horizontal (still partially attached to the original cloth). These fragile used threads are supported by the vertical warp threads. As the fragment is woven into the new warp, uneven tension and folds are created as they weave together. Embroidery, applique and beading add yet another layer and a new generation of pattern and material is combined with the old. Two or more elements, textile and photograph merge together to tell a story about a person or place in time.

Paula Becker is a freelance textile designer, teacher and artists living in Tiverton. She has a BFA from UMass Dartmouth (formerly SMU) and an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art.

Paula currently teaches a series of textile arts workshops at WAG for kids and loves to share her passion for textiles and the process of making art with people!



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