Christina Glaser

Christina Glaser

Hello! Welcome!

My 2D work includes acrylic, oil, and linocut print works, however sometimes I venture into mosaic, sculpture, and jewelry. I like to experiment a bit, as you see from the photos above, and my energy goes into new projects with an almost obsessive compulsion before I am through. There are times when we artists just must create!

This year, I deviated from several straight years of painting into acrylic jewelry-making, using up just about all of my decade-long beach treasure collection to create over 25 individual pieces, some of which are for sale at GalleryX in New Bedford.

I also experimented with carving and printing linocuts. I have a collection of various fish prints, local fish, as well as local Acoaxet scenery cuts, which were hand-pressed and, some, watercolored afterwards.

Thank you for looking at my art. I hope you find it interesting.



More info on me can be found at:
Facebook: ArtChristina
Available originals: artwork and

I encourage you to contact me if you’d like to represent my work in your gallery, or discuss prints, licensing, or commissions.