Letter from WAG’s New President

To all my fellow artists and other supporters of the arts,

Thank you for making Westport Art Group such a vibrant and welcoming center. As your new President, I pledge a constant commitment to building on the work done by you and the many leaders who have volunteered for years. For all of us, I want to highlight that WAG is going through an unprecedented transition after six years during which Mary and Bruce were carrying out or overseeing all parts of our operations. As they were about to retire, we had to face the fact that, together, they carried more responsibilities than two officers can be expected to handle. So we have replaced the single office of Vice President with three new Vice Presidents, to take leadership in the areas of educational programs, exhibits and events, and public relations. We can be grateful to Mary and Bruce, not only for their past leadership, but for being “reasonably accessible” to teach their successors what can be taught.

One of the reasons I am grateful to WAG for hosting the Poetry Group is that, like visual arts, poems are expressions that give us a break from the above language. I like to think of the word, “center,” as a poetic term. Together, let’s make WAG an even more welcoming center where we can gather.

With warm wishes,