Our new sign
Our new sign

The Raffle Wall
“Surf and Turf” Second Place
“Surf and Turf”, oil
by Robert Abele III

Jordan Wolfson
“Surf and Turf” Third Place
“Fish and Chops”, woodblock print by Vidar Haaland

Holiday Fair
Holiday Fair

Painting at Pardon Gray
Painting at Pardon Gray
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The mission of the Westport Art Group is to stimulate and promote the appreciation and encouragement of the arts and crafts.

The Westport Art Group was formed by a group of amateur and professional artists early in 1956. The members held classes in each others’ homes. The first Community Show was held in July, 1956 in the Westport Point School. It attracted a large crowd. In 1971, Elizabeth Yeomans Booth donated land to WAG in memory of Edward, Julia and their son, Andrew Yeomans, for the encouragement of the arts and crafts. She stipulated that a building was to be erected on the property within two years. The members raised funds and worked hard to do that and that is how 1740 Main Road came about.

WAG celebrated 50 years by honoring Dorothy Gifford Curtis, the last surviving Founding member, with a plaque at a Valentine’s Tea and an exhibit of her paintings in February, 2006.

Download a pdf copy of our brochure here!
WAG Brochure
Westport Art Group
1740 Main Road, Westport Point, MA 02791
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 157, Westport Point, MA 02791

For more information, email info@westportartgroup.com

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The Allure of
Monhegan Island

For decades, Monhegan Island has beckoned painters to capture its beauty. The Westport Art Group plein air painters have fallen under its spell and journeyed to the Island. Please join us to experience the recent artworks created by our members.

Saturday & Sunday 
October 25 – 26, 2014 
10 AM – 4 PM

Lobster Cove by Martha M Taradash

Lobster Cove by Martha M. Taradash

NOTE TO WAG ARTISTS: Proceeds from the Intake Fees and Sales Commission will be deposited into our building fund. The commission amount for this Exhibition is more than previous shows: 30%.
If your painting is not for sale, please label NFS.

ELIGIBILITY: The Allure of Monhegan Island is open to all WAG members. Entries must be original work and reflect the theme of the exhibition. Three-dimensional pieces must be able to hang from a wall or displayed on a provided stand.
ARTWORK: Oil, Watercolor, Acrylic, and Pastel. Photography, Mixed Media (e.g., encaustic photography and painting, artwork with more than one medium applied,); Collage (e.g., assemblage of different forms), Prints (one of a kind, hand-pulled), New Media (digital art)
THREE WALL ENTRIES AND SIX (6) BIN PIECES Non-refundable entry fee: $15
DROP-OFF: Thursday, October 23, from 4 pm – 7 pm.

Click here for complete Call to Enter information and Intake Form.


Monday, October 27, 2014

Our Annual Meeting will start at 6:00 PM. After a short business meeting, enjoy a delicious Potluck Supper. Please bring a tasty dish, a serving utensil and a friend!

Enjoy The Allure of Monhegan exhibit and The Year in Photos!

Lighthouse by Sharlie Sudduth

Lighthouse by Sharlie Sudduth

Save Your Lee’s Receipts!

Please save your receipts from Lee’s and drop them in the box on the desk at the WAG building. Lee’s will donate 1% of the total. Thank you to our members who donate their slips to us. WE WOULD RECEIVE MORE THAN $850 IF 10 MEMBERS (an average size family) DONATED ALL THEIR SLIPS FOR JUST ONE YEAR. We have over 200 members!

NOTE: Please do not circle anything on the slips, leave them as is! Thank you!

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