Barbara Cyr Humphrey

Barbara Cyr Humphrey

Creating things, drawing, painting, and designing is a large part of my life. I pursued a career in Apparel Design after earning a BFA in Textile Design from SMU, now UMass Dartmouth. My true creative passion is with Paint. Over the past twenty years I have worked in watercolor, pastel, and oils with various artists and in continuing ed courses at RISD, and now my preferred medium is oil. Monotype printmaking is another medium that I’m enjoying.

My paintings and prints are about discovery and interpretation of the subject matter. I use pieces of paint, on my brush or pallette knife, to describe my internal connection to whatever I am focused on. For the past two years I have made “painting” purely for myself, in my goal to become a better artist.

Some artists I have painted with include Jordan Wolfson, Joseph McGurl, Dora Atwater Milliken, Trish Hurley, Meredith Cornell, Christine Bean, Helen Sturges Nadler, Nancy Gaucher-Thomas, Harley Bartlett, Anthony Tomaselli, Joan Boghossian, Elizabeth Zimmerman.

I am a member of the Westport Art Group, the South Coast Artists, The Providence Art Club, and the Art League RI.



Email Barbara at or call 401-662-2588. See more work at


Barbara’s work is also shown at BCH Studio, 1775 Main Road, Tiverton, RI.